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Industry-Leading Nail Care At Your Disposal

Our mission is to disrupt the beauty industry one clean manicure at a time. We are determined to abolish the toxic practices built into the industry and provide cleaner and more ethical solutions for beauty. As an all-female team, we are dedicated to creating spaces for women to thrive professionally within and beyond our company.

Our founder, Tonia Osby, an experienced entrepreneur originally from Chicago, became an esthetician and nail tech. Rather than the glamour associated with the beauty industry, she discovered a lack of clean products and severely underpaid workers. Thus began the mission to create a revolutionary product, our first in the LUCYPOP lineup.

Long-lasting, Plant-based, Non-toxic

Our patented product is a unique, fibrous base coat proven to keep nail polish on your fingernails 20x longer than the average brand. Whether you are a nail tech looking to introduce an eco-friendly product to your clients or a DIY beauty guru who loves doing home manicures, this long-wearing base coat is the perfect item to add to your collection!

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